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What is Equine  Osteopathy? 

Life is characterized by motion. 

A horse’s body is designed to have all joints, muscles and tissues move harmoniously with each other. When dis-ease or trauma occur, this natural harmony can be disturbed. An osteopath is trained to locate immobility and normalize it. This restores the body’s self healing mechanism by allowing the nerves and blood vessels to flow more freely, carrying information and nutrients throughout the body more efficiently

Equine osteopathy is a manual therapy adapted from human osteopathy, that addresses the three main systems of the body:

-Parietal (spine and limbs)

-Cranial Sacral (skull, brain and tissues around the central nervous system)

-Visceral (organs)

At Quiet Strength Osteopathy, Ayla works in conjunction with vets, dentists, farriers and other equine professionals to help your horses reach their full potential in health and performance.  Osteopathy may help your horse with:

- Stiffness

- Not moving out or collecting

- Not taking leads

- Head shyness

- And much more!


Want to learn more? 

Quiet Strength Osteopathy, PMA will come to your facility and give a presentation for you and your clients, including a live demonstration on one of our equine friends.

Contact Ayla for more information!

Whether you are a high level competitor or a backyard rider, bodywork is a wonderful tool for keeping your horse happy! 


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